It’s been 2 Years in Maastricht !

“You are crazy to leave Stanford” they said, “Why dont you join one of the big companies in the Bay Area?” they said... I still remember the day Michel called me to his office & said “I’m considering moving to Maastricht”. To which my reaction was “Where’s Maastricht?!” He shared his ideas & vision (which attracted me... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Perseverance and Patience

The title may sound a little dramatic but this is indeed a true tale of perseverance and patience 😉 This project hatched in the office of AKSW where I was pursuing my PhD at the University of Leipzig, Germany. And it was 2014! I was working on a project on combining different datasets to answer... Continue Reading →

How do I manage multi-tasking?

Last week Monday for me started with meetings with students to discuss on progress on their projects, meetings with fellow postdocs I'm collaborating with on a paper and a grant, own research work, organizational tasks, gym, cooking and a late evening Skype call with our collaborators in US. My schedules are always pre-and-well-organized and I... Continue Reading →

My first time: Student Supervision

This was my first time of supervising a Masters student full time. Having done two internships (of about 5 months each), I evaluated the student's performance and sent her the following about her strengths and thinks I think she needed to improve upon as a researcher. Bear in mind she is an extremely young researcher... Continue Reading →

Being part of the Hiring process

Being one of the senior persons in our group, I have been involved in the hiring process of our institute over the past 1 & 1/2 years. After having gone through ~80 CVs and sat through ~18 interviews for various positions such as data science developer, junior data scientist, postdocs and assistant professors, I have... Continue Reading →


I am part of a facebook community called Globetrotting Girls India. Globetrotting Girls India was co-founded on 3rd Dec 2015 by Ankita Sonawane and Divya Shetty as a networking space for Indian women who love to travel. This is a place where we network, connect and collaborate with like-minded travelers to find travel buddies, look for... Continue Reading →

Why aren’t you on Twitter yet?

You, in academia (PhD, Postdoc, Masters student, Professor), yes you need to get onto the twitter bandwagon and here’s how and why. Advised by my boss when I was working as a research assistant in Singapore, I joined Twitter in 2011. Cut to 7 years later I have ~3200 tweets, ~2500 followers, and I am following... Continue Reading →

Scientific Communication

Scientific communication #scicomm is an important albeit less stressed aspect of a researchers life. Researchers, unlike businessmen or for that matter celebrities (in the much glamorous world), need to learn to advertise themselves so as to reach a wider audience and to make sure "lay men" understand the impact of their research. I have been... Continue Reading →

ESOF Panel 2018

On July 13th, 2018 I was part of a panel on "Increasing Scientific Productivity through Artificial Intelligence" of the EuroScience Open Forum conference. EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe. It is dedicated to scientific research and innovation and offers a unique framework for interaction and debate for scientists, innovators,... Continue Reading →

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