Students Protocol

With my experience in supervising Master and PhD students so far, I decided to write a little “protocol” of sorts to clarify how I prefer to work along with my expectations and recommendations. Here goes: Availability: In the first meeting, we will discuss about the project: the problem, related work, methodology, expected results and timeline.... Continue Reading →

It’s been 2 Years in Maastricht !

“You are crazy to leave Stanford” they said, “Why dont you join one of the big companies in the Bay Area?” they said... I still remember the day Michel called me to his office & said “I’m considering moving to Maastricht”. To which my reaction was “Where’s Maastricht?!” He shared his ideas & vision (which attracted me... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Perseverance and Patience

The title may sound a little dramatic but this is indeed a true tale of perseverance and patience 😉 This project hatched in the office of AKSW where I was pursuing my PhD at the University of Leipzig, Germany. And it was 2014! I was working on a project on combining different datasets to answer... Continue Reading →

How do I manage multi-tasking?

Last week Monday for me started with meetings with students to discuss on progress on their projects, meetings with fellow postdocs I'm collaborating with on a paper and a grant, own research work, organizational tasks, gym, cooking and a late evening Skype call with our collaborators in US. My schedules are always pre-and-well-organized and I... Continue Reading →

My first time: Student Supervision

This was my first time of supervising a Masters student full time. Having done two internships (of about 5 months each), I evaluated the student's performance and sent her the following about her strengths and thinks I think she needed to improve upon as a researcher. Bear in mind she is an extremely young researcher... Continue Reading →

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