Research Projects


See the full updated list of all my publications here.

Ongoing Projects

  • Optimal combination of humans and machines towards biomedical metadata quality assessment
  • Crowdsourcing Biomedical Metadata Quality Assessment
  • Crowdsourcing clinical image curation for lung cancer tumor detection
  • CrowdED:  Crowdsourcing experimental design for designing optimal crowdsourcing tasks
  • Machine learning approach towards Quality Assessment of Biomedical Metadata
  • Large-scale data quality assessment tool (Part of the NCATS Biomedical Data Translator project)
  • LEX2RDF: automated conversion of case law metadata to RDF
  • Systematic review of methods of measuring Linked Data Quality completeness

Completed Projects

 Data Quality

Linked Data In-Use


Pending Projects

  • Publishing and Interlinking the GEO dataset as Linked Data
  • Using Linked Data to Build an Observatory of Societal Progress indicators Leveraging Data Quality
  • Towards Biomedical Data Integration for Analyzing the Evolution of Cognition

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