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I am always involved in loads of things at one time, am adventurous, religious, ardent wildlife and nature lover, love learning about new things constantly, trained at hand-writing analysis and absolutely enjoy globe trotting !

I have also had the opportunity to do modeling, where I appeared in the local newspaper in Pune, Pune Times, on May 4, 2002 as part of “Project Make Over” Even more exciting was when I appeared in an episode in a famous German TV serial, Tatort. Also, I have been trained for speech and drama and have passed the Trinity College of London’s examination with Metric.

I love dancing and in June 2015 got the opportunity to teach, choreograph and dance with German ladies on an Indian folk dance called “Dandiya and Garba“. We performed at a German mall and got great feedback from the audience, check out the video here (see blog).

I love learning new languages and currently am conversant with English, Hindi, Gujarati (mother tongue), Marathi, German and Japanese (only a bit).

Being adventurous, not only have I traveled to loads of places but also swam with dolphins and done bungee jumping in Japan. I have also swam with (baby) sharks while snokerling in Malaysia !!

Next up, I really would love to do scuba diving!!

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