We talk about Data Reuse, Why not Plastic Reuse?

Plastic pollution is plaguing our homes, our lives, our planet. The world already produces more than 300m tonnes of plastic a year!!! It’s unimaginable. Although there are several initiatives out there advocating and innovating ways to reduce and recycle plastic, we need to contribute and re-think our individual choices.

How many of us researchers go to conferences…every time we are giving this ID card which is wrapped in a plastic sleeve. What happens after the conference? Do you throw it away? OR Do you keep it? If you do, why not reuse it?

Used it once,
Use it again,
No waste, no nonsense,
Earth gets a bargain!

– PZ

When I attended the EuroScience Open Forum conference in 2018, I saw this sign which said “Take care of our planet: throw away your badge-holder here”, which is a great initiative and only one Ive seen do this out of the loads of conferences I’ve been to. But, I wonder how many people actually did put in their badge holder, which was of course made of plastic – which could easily be re-used.

We’re talking about data reuse, but what about event ID holder reuse? Cant we recycle them? Do we still need these? Why not use QR codes? Or just talk to others and connect with them on LinkedIn/exchange contact info?

This is a request to conference go-ers and conference organizers! Let’s be more conscious and move away from the single-use plastic !

What do you think?

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