University Teaching Qualification (BKO)

On June 28, 2019 I passed my University Education Qualification (BKO) assessment! 🎉

BKO is a program to support teaching staff as they develop and improve with regard to the competences needed for teaching at university, and to guide them in obtaining a certificate. The competences are directly related to the core tasks of teachers, namely (i) developing education, (ii) teaching delivery and (iii) student assessment.

The process involved:

  • An intake assessment meeting with the BKO co-ordinator, which involved filling a self-assessment form, preparing a teaching CV and sharing student assessments
  • 6 workshops on
    • Problem Based Learning that UM implements (see more here)
    • Interactive Group Work (didactics of teaching) and Group Dynamics.
    • Course development and problem design
    • (Interactive) lecturing and presentation skills
    • Supervision of research and writing assignments
    • The assessment cycle and assessment of writing assignments
    • Interactive group work and group dynamics
  • Writing a BKO Portfolio which involves describing the conceptual models I follow in the three aspects of education, concrete examples from my experience, reflections on what went well, where can I improve and what my learning goals are for the future
  • A final assessment meeting with BKO co-ordinator, the external assessor and the line manager to discuss on my learning goals and future teaching activities
  • BKO Certificate Ceremony

I learnt a lot during the process through the workshops and also on how to improve my teaching activities. Looking forward to the ceremony in December (which will be the first ceremony in my life!) 😀

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