I am part of a facebook community called Globetrotting Girls India. Globetrotting Girls India was co-founded on 3rd Dec 2015 by Ankita Sonawane and Divya Shetty as a networking space for Indian women who love to travel. This is a place where we network, connect and collaborate with like-minded travelers to find travel buddies, look for travel suggestions, get inspired, share stories, ask questions and talk anything and everything travel. GTGI aims to provide a friendly and inspiring environment where women from all walks of life who love to travel can come together and share their amazing stories as well as empower others to travel better and safer.

Besides the page, they also have a ~4000 members strong facebook group. Apart from their numerous tactics to encourage engagement amongst members and a sense of a community, one of their post was “Tell us something awesome about yourself. I WANT YOU TO BRAG. Job promotion? New squat record? Won a prize? Baked an amazing chocolate chip cookie? 🤗 #bragaway #celebratethelittlethings” 

I responded to that post and they featured my “bragging” on their page, for which I am
honored !! I especially love the hashtag #SheroesOnTheRoad.
I am so humbled by the amount of positive vibes, encouragements, “I am proud of you” and “You are an inspiration” comments !!! Check it out 🙂

What are you most proud of? Let me know !

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